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Hello and its been a while since I submitted a story so busy, but I thought you might be interested in what happened. lady came with a few adventures, but they only work on the road. Two weeks ago, my wife, I told a guy who was going miateens to meet tomorrow morning I can get him to do what they want to talk, yes ma'am, I said. We left around 11 o'clock to meet him, we stopped and got out of his car type shiny black sports and kissed her, he had an miateens expensive suit, chatted for a while, then came to me and said we should go to find somewhere then bought me lunch fuck, follow us, I followed a little stop in the country, where he rose from a field miateens were lady greeted me and I followed him, found a haystack, and he gave me his keep warm and to keep them clean, I said yes, sir. lady lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties, give it a stupid slave condom, she said, reached into his pocket and found ak out and handed it to him, bowed his mistress in the front on a bail of hay and pushed his broad back in the air, opened his pants and his thick cock out, slipped on a condom and put it in it, she moaned with pleasure. grabbed her hips and began to fuck her, look out boy, he said, I said yes. That as rabbits for about 20 minutes, fucked lady came twice, but continued his hard hitting, I could see miateens his penis in and out and then shuddered and became very strong push, pulled his tail and said it was full of his cum, mmmm lady who was nice to get rid of it for you slave, smiled, pulled out a condom and without looking at me, gave me, I took it and mistress juice was all over. He pulled the zipper and said Fell, who gave him his coat, gave him a hug and Lady, he said, was that the baby was let me invite you to eat for lunch, she smiled and said : mmm I'm starving, they returned to the car I followed him. as Mr. Saltin your car, I smiled and said : u good can go now, I'll see later at dinner, when I get home, yes ma'am, I said and returned to work with a huge hard drive and a used condom work .... Good morning, I think.
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